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Home Improvements -10 Reasons to Use a Home Surveyor

Even when you are not moving, a surveyor can help

  • When you need advice about your home, where do you get professional and independent advice?

  • Like most things in life, having good independent knowledge about something puts you in a better position to make the right decision. Getting professional independent and impartial advice from a surveyor is always the best way to start.
  • If you own your home you could use the services of a surveyor to help improve, refurbish, alter or structurally change your home. At Moving and Improving we know surveyors actually do so much more, so here’s our top 10 list. 
  • Before you start on modifying your kitchen, advice from a surveyor will give you valuable insight and advice into what walls might be moved, removed or reconfigured to give you the space you need to maximise storage; multi-functioned modern living means we need to use the space for cooking, entertaining and work so getting the layout right is essential before any work starts or major purchases are made.
  • Provide professional advice on defects affecting your home. Before you get a builder in, why not get an expert Building Surveyor in to assess the defect and provide you with impartial advice and specify what needs to be done before you bring in the tradespeople. Some surveyors will also give you an indication of cost –or a cost schedule to avoid being overcharged
  • Liaise and advise on other professionals, such as engineers and architects, who may be able to help resolve a defect or structural issue and can give technical guidance
  • If you are unhappy with work carried out by a tradesman, a surveyor can provide an independent report on any work undertaken. This can help you resolve a dispute with a third person. A surveyor can act as an expert witness if you need to take legal action in the unfortunate event of sub-standard work.
  • Some surveyors will act as a project manager during building work and liaise with your builder/tradespeople to ensure all work is carried out in accordance with legislation, regulation and to a good standard and avoid misunderstandings that are one of the most common problems encountered when carrying out building work
  • If you are planning to extend your home or carry out works to the party wall i.e. the wall that is shared between you and a neighbour, then you need to be aware of The Party Wall etc. Act 1996. A Party Wall Surveyor can act on either or both parties’ behalf to ensure no disputes arise or mediate in such circumstances to avoid costly legal action.
  • Before  any renovation or building works start you need to understand what is possible from a planning point of view and what might be achievable from the buildings current structural layout or how the space can be best changed to meet your modern needs
  • Is an extension or loft conversion the best option to get more space?  Could the reconfiguration of internal walls provide you with the extra room or additional bathroom / ensuite at a fraction of the cost of an external extension? It could also avoid the need for planning permission, why not get advice from a professional?
  • Before you put your house up for sale, why not get a survey to highlight the defects, allowing you to do the work and make more money on your home, rather than the buyer using a survey to renegotiate a lower price for your home. Remember surveys, as well as identifying any issues before you buy a home, also enable you to renegotiate on the purchase price. We all want to get the best deal!
  • Are your energy bills going through the roof? Why not get expert advice from a surveyor to make your home as energy efficient as possible to reduce those monthly fuel bills.
  • Buying and selling - why you need  a surveyor

  • It may be that you are thinking about buying and traditionally you need advice about what defects the house might have. Even small repairs can cost a few hundred pounds and a survey gives peace of mind
  • You might ask the surveyor to give you an indication as to the cost of repairs or the cost of removing an internal wall. In this way, you will have a good idea about the actual cost that can help you when you ask a builder to come-round and give you a quote. And you will have a good idea of what the work should cost – remember surveyors are completely impartial.
  • Understanding the value of the home before you sell is important to getting the best price. Selling quickly might just mean you have undervalued your home and lost £000’s that could have been used on buying a new home. The estate agents we use at Moving and Improving all have local experts to be able to carry out a valuation and sale of your home. However, other estate agents may use the internet only to value your home and this could be based on a property that was sold some time ago or does not have the same standard of kitchen/bathroom or an extension to the rear.
  • At Moving and Improving we understand the value a surveyor can bring to homes and home owners from saving you money, making you money, giving you peace of mind and helping you make your home your castle. 

  • For more on why a surveyor may be exactly what you need, read “Discover how a survey can make you money on your next home”.

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