New Home Snagging Report

Make sure your new home is everything you dreamed of. Use a New Home Snagging Report to check over everything before you move in.

Even a new home can have defects that you might think are covered by a NHBC certificate or Buildmark 10-year warranty. However like any insurance based cover, unless you bring any matter to their attention it will never be remedied

New Home Snagging Report  focuses not only on serious defects that may have been missed, but also on cosmetic issues that should be remedied as part of the builders Snagging-List. So, unless you point these defects out to the builder they will never be remedied. 

A New Home Snagging Report records the work required to be done to the property in order that it be put into the condition that it should have been put-in in accordance with a departure from good practice. These are commonly defined in terms of: NHBC standards, Building Regulations, British Standards and Codes, the published recommendations of The Building Research Establishment, The Sale of Goods Act 1979, The Supply of Goods and Service Act 1982 and generally in accordance with aesthetic values of finishing 

The Report

The inspection of the property will generally provide a report on the condition of the finish of the property with the purpose of identifying the significant defects, hazards, problems and other matters which, in his or her opinion, are likely to have a material effect on its value and enjoyment and will be subject to the terms of the new home warranty. The report will highlight in particular:

(i)  Serious defects any defect which should be put right as soon as possible and may justify a delay in completion (if this has not already taken place) or compensation.

(ii) Standard defects — any defect that does not meet standards set by a departure from good practice as defined by criteria such as Building Regulations, NHBC standards, British Standards and Codes, the published recommendations of BRE, the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and aesthetic values of internal finishing

(iii) Further investigations - any evidence of, or a suspected defect requiring additional investigation. 

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