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5 Ways to Revamp a Tired-Looking Garden in Time for Summer

After lockdown, everyone wants to spend time socialising with friends and family in their garden this summer. Perhaps you can’t wait for BBQ season, or maybe you’re hoping to get your house on the market and need to spruce up your garden for potential buyers. Either way, there are many ways to revamp a tired garden ready for the warmer months.

Below are five ways to begin getting your garden ready for laid back afternoons enjoying the sunshine. From cleaning up the patio to decorating with plants and outdoor furnishings, these ideas are great for any budget.

Give your patio a makeover

If you have a patio already, a simple way to make your garden feel fresh is by giving it a spring clean. Jet-wash your patio, and clear out any gutters that might be bogged down with leaves. Even grabbing a broom and dusting the patio can do wonders.

To update your patio slabs quickly and on a budget, stencils and outdoor paints are a simple way to add a design, or if you have wood panels or decking, you could try a new stain.

Meanwhile, waterproof rugs offer a nice way to add a pop of colour and cover any annoying cracks. If you don’t have a patio area yet, you can easily add furniture to grassy areas or create a cosy shaded space in the corner of your garden by covering the ground with gravel and topping with a couple of chairs and a table.

Create seating areas for socialising

Creating a comfortable space to relax is crucial for keeping everyone happy during BBQ season. There are many fabulous garden furniture options for every budget. From large corner sofas with comfortable cushions, to classic rattan chairs that suit every garden style, you can create the perfect space to soak up the sunshine.

Before you buy, have a think about what material best suits you. If you want something easy and durable, opt for synthetic rattan or aluminium furniture, as these are weatherproof and simple to clean – Kettler offer fantastic options for both. If you don’t mind a bit of work, wooden furniture always looks smart, but you will need to treat it regularly.

Upgrade your fence

Don’t let a broken or old fence ruin the picture of a perfect garden. Restoring your fence is an easy way to make your garden look put together, as well as helping with privacy and safety.

Choose a light colour to keep your garden bright and breezy, or opt for a darker hue to make colourful flowers pop – your fence can really make a statement.

Timber fences can cause a lot of upkeep, as they regularly need re-staining or warp in extreme weather conditions. Instead, why not give composite fencing a go; mixing plastic and recycled wood, this modern alternative is durable, strong, and easy to maintain, without missing the classic look. Southern Sheeting is a big advocate of composite fencing, saying, “This fencing system uses powder-coated aluminium posts that don’t twist like timber posts, whilst the structured WPC fencing planks are extremely strong.”

Simply updating to a new, hardwearing fence can make such a difference to your garden. It’s also a sustainable investment for your garden that will stand the test of time through adverse weather conditions too, so you won’t need to replace it as often in the future either.

Decorate your space

Long gone are the days of just having a perfectly mowed lawn and nothing else. Decorating your garden can be a fun experience. Install hooks to outdoor walls and buy a few beautiful hanging baskets filled with vibrant flowers – many garden centres even have plants already planted in decorative pots so you can easily move them around the garden. Better yet, why not dig up a small area of your garden and sprinkle it with wildflower seeds; you’ll be sure to see lovely bee-friendly flowers popping out by the beginning of summer.

Ideal Home suggest other ways to decorate, including buying a weatherproof mirror to elevate smaller gardens and add a contemporary touch. Play around with textures by adding a few smaller cushions to your outdoor sofa, plus a small table or two for guests to put down their drinks. Lighting is the perfect way to add ambience – invest in festoon lights along the fence, or look for solar lights that you can dot around your whole garden.

Keep warm in the evenings

We hope for long, warm summer days, but sometimes the evenings can get a little chilly. There are many cosy electric or gas heaters on the market, or you could invest in a fire pit so you can enjoy an ambient campfire experience in your own garden. If you are on a budget, simply pop a few blankets in a basket for guests to grab as they please.

Final thoughts

Everyone is getting ready for spending long afternoons enjoying the sunshine. There are many easy and simple ways to spruce up your garden before the summer truly begins, whether that be updating your fence to something more modern and durable, adorning your garden borders with potted plants, or buying new garden furniture and decorating it with colourful cushions.

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