Architects or Architectural Technologists guide you through the design, planning and construction process when you are constructing a new building or adapting your existing property. They can also provide ideas, inspiration and creative thought to help you achieve your dream home

A small architectural project would generally be classed as:

Conversion of your garage into a new habitable room, a porch, a single storey kitchen/lounge extension,

A medium architectural project would generally be classed as:

a loft extension, a two-storey extension

A large architectural project would generally be classed as:

A new property, substantially changing the existing style (such as building more than half of the floor area again)

Filling in this form and providing information about your project will mean you don’t have to spend all day phoning around discussing the project over and over again and with the knowledge these professionals have been checked and rated.

What needs to be considered

  • Planning Permission (or does the works come under permitted development so that you do not need planning permission or are you in a conservation area that needs special consideration),
  • Building Regulation approval (all structural works need to be designed and calculated so that they are safe and comply with Building Regulations),
  • What is the best design/layout to suit your needs and the style of your house)
  • What is your budget, what is it going to cost and how will you fund it
  • Will you need an agreement with your neighbour before work starts under The Party Wall etc Act 1996
  • How will you choose the right builder for the job

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