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8 Ways to Improve Your Home for an Airbnb Listing

Everyone wants that perfect side hustle that requires minimal maintenance while letting you run your dream life. Hosting an Airbnb listing requires some upkeep, but it’s one of the more impactful returns on investment you can make when seeking financial freedom. The magic of Airbnb listings is that they appreciate when you make improvements to raise the rating and provide more value for guests. 

Here are eight ways to jazz up your Airbnb listing to wow guests, get five-star reviews and keep passive income rolling.

1. Incorporate Greenery

The pandemic made everyone realise how much they missed the outdoors, affirming every prior research study that touted the benefits of going out in nature. A space with plants immediately feels more welcoming and vibrant, instilling a memorable first impression on guests as they check in. Airbnb owners can create that lush, green atmosphere by incorporating greenery indoors and curating the outdoors.

Faux plants add variety to the visual composition if you are concerned about exposing guests to allergies or not maintaining care. Focusing on greenery instead of flowers will reduce allergy exposure if you choose living plants.

Outdoor spaces may be fenced or screened in, or perhaps a concrete wall ensures guest privacy. You can still work on landscaping to make it greener. Look into inexpensive bushes or vines to drape around the area. You may have greenery outside already, but a maintenance schedule will keep it pruned and beautiful so guests feel encouraged to relax in your exquisite patio furniture.

2. Offer Additional Perks

Be creative with additional perks to make the experience memorable for the client. You can provide them for free or ask for a surcharge, and they can be as classic or unique as you want. The key is to lean into existing strengths and resources so hosts don’t waste too much money if the endeavour isn’t successful. 

Feel free to do market research to see what’s worked for hosts in the past. Here are some ideas for extras that could entice guests to stay at your Airbnb for any occasion: 

  • Event-specific decorations, like hen’s night or birthday embellishments

  • Flower arrangements for romantic getaways

  • Freelance beauticians, nail technicians or cooks to provide extra luxury without making guests leave the Airbnb

  • Location-related artisan crafts made by the host, like pottery, art prints or linens from locally sourced materials or having culturally significant imagery

  • Grocery shopping before guests arrive to maximise their vacation time

3. Install a Security System

Investing in home security keeps the host and their guests safe. It allows you to oversee how people use the space to minimise theft or property damage. It also provides peace of mind to visitors, knowing hosts care about their protection. Property owners can spend as much or as little as possible, upgrading as time, budget or changing needs permit. Listers could start with a keypad instead of physical keys or go into wireless monitoring systems to keep digital records of the venue’s usage.

4. Invest in Sleep

Quality sleep could be one of the more expensive options for improving your Airbnb, but it’s one of the most essential. Guests want to return to a lovely atmosphere, but nothing is more important than a good night’s sleep to energise them during their adventures. 

Research quality mattresses, blackout curtains and comforting peripherals like sleep masks or essential oil diffusers with scents that encourage relaxation. Some travellers rent Airbnbs to experience top-quality sleep — known as sleep tourism. It’s trending, so staying on top of these materials could be a focal point for advertising.

5. Add Touches of Home

Some visitors want to soak in the culture and style of their destinations. Whether deep in the woods or crowded in a city, the listing should reflect the vibes of the geography. It makes guests feel more connected to the location, allowing them a more experiential stay rather than a bland hotel room. 

If your town is known for knitted rugs, make it the centrepiece of the living area. Vintage farming art and tools could create an unforgettable style if the village is known for its dairy industry.

6. Think About Yourself

What would make your stay exceptional if you were renting out an Airbnb? It’s one of the most critical questions a host can ask because it reveals what practicalities could be a priority and what indulgences could wait a few months. Are there enough desk lamps, outlets with USB capabilities or storage? Think of the little conveniences that remove frustration as guests rummage through luggage, realising they forgot some essentials back home.

7. Be Sustainable

Eco-tourism is rising, as guests want the hospitality and tourism industry to shoulder more responsibility for their impact on the planet. Airbnb owners are not exempt from this obligation, and going green throughout the property could make your home stand out from others. Here is a wide range of ideas, depending on your budget:

  • Communicate with guests in their welcome packets what you’re doing to stay eco-friendly.

  • Use green cleaning products between reservations.

  • Install energy-efficient appliances for better water and electricity usage, like Energy Star.

  • Invest in renewable power sources like solar.

  • Incorporate as many multiuse products as possible, including refillable coffee pods.

  • Offer to recycle or compost.

  • Advertise local or small businesses committing to green initiatives.

  • Pledge a percentage of earnings from every reservation to an environmentalist charity.

8. Add a Splash of Colour

White walls are chic, but they can feel mainstream or sterile. It’s easy to add colour. You could use paint or wallpaper to create an accent wall or place an area rug on the floor to make the natural wood pop. Other subtle additions could include throw pillows, colourful kitchen utensils or expressive picture frames.

Crafting the Dream Airbnb

Knowing yourself and your clientele is vital in creating a perfect Airbnb experience. You may already have expert cleaning skills and nice furniture, but you still need to figure out what more there is to do. Every corner of your Airbnb has potential for quality-of-life upgrades and personality incorporation. Curated decorations, practical amenities and hidden surprises will ensure guests raise you to a superhost in no time.

This article has been provided by Zac Amos, Features editor at [email protected]

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