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9 Top Packing Tips To Make A House Move Go Smoothly

You’ve finally signed the contract and agreed on a move-in date.

You’ve got months before you need to move, but when do you actually want to start and which room do you start with?

Packing up the entire contents of your home is an arduous task, and definitely not something to be underestimated at all costs.

To help your packing endeavours become a delightful experience, here are the top 9 tips to make a house move go smoothly:


Start Early

You may have guessed this one. Many people would consider themselves ‘last-minute people’, and this is perfectly fine, however not when it comes to packing up an entire house.

It is of paramount of importance that you start packing as early as possible. The size of your home normally gives a good indication as to how long it will take to pack.

For example, a smaller house should only take one month to pack while a larger house could take 2 months or longer!

This may just be a rough indication, but the longer you give yourself to pack, the less stressful the move will be.


Start with the Least Used Rooms

Everyone struggles when starting to pack.

The best place to start is in your least-used room. For most, if you have one, this would likely be the dining room.

Start by packing the items you need the least as well, otherwise, you might end up opening already closed boxes looking for your favourite frying pan.


Declutter your Home

A major step in moving home.

With so many large items in the garage and the shed, it might be a good idea to send these off to storage with a removals company.

It’s important to help the local businesses thrive as well, so whether you’re looking for Essex removals, Kent removals or Dorset removals companies; the local choice is always the best as they know the lay of the land well.


Maximum Weight of the Boxes

Not many people stop to consider that the boxes they are packing with may have a maximum weight.

This can vary from 15kg – 25kg, but again, it solely depends on where the boxes are sourced from. So ensure that you are packing your boxes in accordance with this.

On top of this, a really heavy box can be physically dangerous for whoever is carrying it. The last thing you want to do is put your back out in your second week of packing.

Protect your Fragile Items

Take plenty of care when packing your fragile items such as glass and china that has been in the family for years.

Only use small to mid-sized boxes for your breakables. Use lots of bubble wrap and make sure the containers aren’t too heavy to lift.

First, wrap the item in soft paper, then wrap the item in bubble wrap. Finally, put a fragile sticker on the box so everyone knows it is to be treated with the utmost care.

Fill Gaps with Newspaper

Any gaps in your boxes, especially with breakables, should be filled up with newspaper or packing paper.

This ensures that, when those inevitable potholes are encountered during transit, the items in the boxes will stay relatively in the same place.

Without the paper filling up the spare space, the items will roll about in the box. This could also cause a shift in weight and the box could fall down, if not properly secured.

Label Label Label

If you want to make life as stress-free as possible, then this is how you go about it.

Once a box has been fully packed and the gaps filled up. Tape it up securely and make sure to label what is in there.

Depending on just how organised you are, you might record what item is in each box on an excel sheet, to make tracking everything that bit easier…. But then again that is a LOT of effort. That part is up to you.


Heavier Boxes on the Bottom

This is a pretty standard rule. When you’re packing your boxes in the removals truck, the heavier boxes MUST go on the bottom.

Hopefully, if you’ve hired a good quality removals service, you won’t have to worry about loading the truck up at all. But just in case you are, this is the most important rule when packing up the truck.

Have an Essentials Box

Often overlooked is the importance of an essentials box for your move-in day. Whether it’s just toothbrushes, some food and maybe a phone charger or two.

Whatever you want to put in there is your choice, but it’s definitely recommended to have a essentials box on move-in day.

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