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Hidden Benefits of Switching to Hardwood Flooring

The right flooring for your property depends on several factors, from the budget you have available to longevity and the maintenance level you’re willing to commit to. But for aesthetic appeal and durability, hardwood floors are a classic option that provide a rich, warm feel to your property. If you’re considering upgrading the flooring in your home, these are some of the benefits of choosing hardwood floors. 

Improved property value

When it’s well maintained, wood flooring can last for many years, without needing to be replaced every few years like some other flooring types. For this reason, it provides a great return on investment that can enhance the value of your property overall too. In fact, experts suggest that the ROI of wooden flooring is as much as 80% in some cases, making it one of the best investments you can make into the sellability of your residence. 

Making the decision to install wooden flooring also enhances the sustainability factor of your home, as it’s a biodegradable material, which can benefit you as a seller since eco-friendlier elements are increasingly important to home buyers. 

Versatility and choice

The variety of hardwood flooring is a huge benefit, as it offers flexibility in terms of your decor and colour schemes. From paler woods like birch, pine and oak to richer woods like mahogany, maple and walnut, there are options to suit every type of property. But in addition to the type of wood, there are also various finishes to choose from which offers versatility throughout the years. 

Flooring specialists Strippers Flooring explain that there are “two routes, the ‘sealed floor’, such as water-based polyurethane, or the ‘living’ floor using oil. Both can look beautiful and there are some fantastic new finishes that are designed to look almost invisible which can look stunning in the right setting”. 

Compatible with heating

Underfloor heating is a popular addition to homes, ensuring your home is warm and comfortable during the colder months. But which flooring should you choose to coincide with your heating system? Thermal conductivity is essential to the efficiency of underfloor heating, as it will ensure the floor heats up faster, provides a greater heat output and generally runs more efficiently. 

Not all flooring materials are well-suited, which is where wood has an advantage. Lower-moisture woods are an effective option for underfloor heating that will deliver a great level of heat output. 

Hygienic and easy to maintain

The Mayo Clinic states that “carpeting can be a reservoir for allergy-causing substances (allergens) that trigger asthma. Carpeting in the bedroom can be especially problematic because it exposes you to carpet dust throughout the night”. So, a hidden benefit to switching out carpeted floors for hardwood flooring is that it’s more hygienic and easier to maintain for those who have allergies. Simply sweeping with a damp mop to clean the floor will be sufficient to remove dust and hair, as well as any spillages that occur, while carpet is much harder and time-consuming to keep clean.

Investing in hardwood floors removes the risk of dust mites, fleas or other parasites from setting up home in your carpets, saving you money on deep cleaning and discomfort if you suffer from allergies. Furthermore, carpets can trap odours and stains, which you don’t need to worry about with wooden flooring, which will keep your home cleaner, tidier and more comfortable to live in. 

Ideal for young families

Wooden flooring may be a beautiful and elegant option for adults, but it’s a surprisingly practical option for families with young children too. Because it’s natural and organic, it’s a non-toxic material that’s perfect for babies and toddlers who will be crawling around the floor, and it’s easy to sand back if the floor gets scratched or dented as a result of kids playing. Since it’s easy to clean with simple products, there’s also no need for toxic chemicals in order to maintain it. 

Parents typically appreciate the ease of cleaning that wood floors deliver, while still being able to enjoy a beautiful home. With wood flooring, you can rest assured that your young kids will be able to play and crawl on the floor without any risks to their health. 

Final thoughts

Hardwood floors offer a wide range of benefits, from the flexibility and range of styles available to the ease of cleaning and lower risk of allergens. While the upfront investment may be slightly higher when compared to carpet or laminate, the long-term advantages outweigh this initial cost for flooring that is durable, long-lasting and elegant. Hardwood floors have a timeless appeal and work brilliantly with so many decor styles, from modern and contemporary properties to classic, traditional homes, ensuring they will work with your property - however you choose to style it.

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