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How to Perfectly Carry Out a DIY Kitchen Remodel

The perfect kitchen finds the balance between welcoming, functional, and beautiful, but remodelling can be overwhelming. Read on for six tips to guide you in remodelling your kitchen seamlessly.

6 Things to Watch Out for in a DIY Kitchen Remodel

The most significant number of renovations in many homes takes place in the kitchen. The perfect kitchen makes a home lively and functional as it is where most interactions such as cooking, eating, catching up, and talking take place. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen yourself, read through these vital aspects to ensure a seamless, enjoyable experience.

1. Failing to plan

Starting to renovate your kitchen without defining clear objectives for the job will lead to frustration. You need to determine what about your current kitchen is failing to help assign the right resources, time, and energy towards the project. You may need more storage space, more counter space, better paint, a better layout, better quality lighting, and so much more. Highlight the most important factors, and then craft a budget and detailed plan with your family to achieve the kitchen you desire.

2. Inadequate or poor budgeting

A kitchen renovation will not come cheap. Most kitchen remodelling projects consume up to 15% of the home’s entire value. Here, priorities will have to take precedence. Setting your remodelling budget based on your home's value should accurately determine the correct amount worth spending.

The amount you should spend also depends on the time you intend to live in the house. If you plan to sell after two years, you can treat the remodelling as a real estate value boost. If it is your retirement house, consider paying more to guarantee your comfort and purchase of durable, high-quality products like the best laser level. You can finance the project using an equity loan or your savings.

Once you have the figure, set a budget responsibly, and aim to commit fully to it. You might end up spending all your money on unique tiles or small kitchen accessories, then end up with nothing left for paint or backsplash. If you are remodelling an older house, consider having a buffer amount to cater to some surprises such as damaged vents.

3. Do consider the layout of your kitchen

You want your kitchen design to look beautiful and impress your guests, but it must also be fully functional. According to experts from the Fantastic Handyman Company, all kitchens have a trio of key zones: the fridge, stove, and sink. As you cook, you move around these three areas, and your kitchen remodelling should establish a work triangle that keeps these three as close together as possible. You also need plenty of 'landing zones' readily close to the work triangle where you can place covers, dirty dishes, fresh ingredients, and chopping board as you work.

4. Lighting

Adequate lighting in the kitchen is crucial to prevent accidents and cooking mishaps. Lighting can also dramatically improve the appearance of your kitchen, so consider using several sources for yours. Natural light can come in through windows, skylights, and doors. If you do not have the budget for large, glass windows, consider alternative light sources. Simple hanging lamps over the working island will boost your decor.

5. Go slow on the trends

The kitchen ideas trending on decor websites today may not be as hot ten years down the line. Thus, you should avoid making significant investments on trendy additions and stick to timeless fashions like open layouts and deep drawers. You can combine modern themes like frameless kitchen cabinets and concrete worktops and traditional aspects like wooden surfaces as a safety net. 

6. Get qualified professionals

Plan your remodelling and what you would like the kitchen to look like, but hire a professional to do specific tasks. It will be incredibly risky to attempt installing kitchen faucets or other plumbing or electrical installations by yourself, not to mention the risk of buying knock-offs. House buyers can easily detect DIY jobs over professional ones, an aspect that will bring down the resale value of your house.

A professional will also use their connections to get you quality fittings at a lower cost. Professionals will also consider and adhere to the building codes and will help you obtain any necessary permits. Bottom line, a professional kitchen remodel will be cheaper and will offer better results.

And some tips to avoid common kitchen hazards....


Whether you hope to improve its appearance or layout or are looking to acquire new kitchen gadgets, your kitchen remodelling will be successful if it matches your overall goals and meets your family’s expectations. Please share additional tips and queries in our comments section.

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