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The Ideal Home in 2022

So much has changed in our home and working lives over the last few years. Our homes reflect our lifestyle more than ever. Outdoor space, sustainability, storage, designated areas for working and even our pets will continue to influence how we improve.

So, what could we do in 2022 to make our homes reflect our lifestyle? Follow the links for the full articles.

The Home Office 

  1. Designated work area / zone / room.

  2. Work station. 

  3. Lighting and ventilation are extremely important for health reasons. 

  4. House plants have amazing health benefits. 

  5. Surge protector 

  6. Adjustable workstation. 

  7. Good and efficient Wi-Fi and connectivity

  8. Storage space, security and GDPR. 

Sustainable Upgrades for your home 

  1. Insulate your windows

  2. Invest in a long-lasting garage

  3. Change out lightbulbs

  4. Install a low-flow shower

  5. Automate with a smart thermostat

  6. Responsible consumption

10 Design Rules for Creating More Space

  1. Clear out all clutter

  2. Storage

  3. Keep things up high

  4. One colour scheme throughout

  5. Reflections

  6. Choose decorative pieces that are also functional

  7. Bigger windows and internal glazing

  8. Fold-away furniture

  9. Open wardrobes

  10. A space for everything

Thinking about your outdoor space and redesigning your garden

  1. What do you want out of your garden?

  2. How much of a budget do you have?

  3. Why now?

  4. How much time do you want to spend maintaining it?

  5. Which features do you want to install?

Creating More Space with a Garage Conversion - What do you need to consider?

  1. Do I need planning permission?

  2. Where Do I start?

  3. Do I need to consider building regulations?

  4. How do I find a builder?

  5. How much does a garage conversion cost?

  6. Does a garage conversion add value?

Things to Consider for Extensions and Improvements

  1. Planning and budgeting

  2. Planning for things going wrong

  3. Building Regulations  

  4. Planning Permission 

  5. Good tradesmen

Happiness Tweaks to Make to your Home

  1. Declutter your home

  2. Bring the outside in

  3. Create a cosy wellbeing zone

  4. Maximise natural light

  5. Add happy colours

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