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Loft Conversion Ideas That Maximise Your Home’s Potential

Thanks to working from home more often, we are seeing the inside of our four walls quite a lot. Companies have also changed their approach to home working with fifty of the biggest UK employers saying they have no plans to return all staff to the office full-time in the near future.

Before the pandemic, many of us would have thought of installing a loft conversion as a means to adding another bedroom to our properties. However, our needs at home have changed and with people trying to find more space in their house than ever before, we thought these loft conversion ideas would help.

Bring the family upstairs

As we mentioned, loft conversions are no longer all about just adding another bedroom to your property. Instead, why not plan a loft conversion that moves the family room up to the top floor? This approach would allow for your existing family room to be used as office space while also putting some distance between you and your computer.

A recent study by Monster found that 69% of employees working from home are experiencing symptoms of burnout. Many people’s approach to working from home has been to stick a desk in the corner of a room but that can mean work remains on your mind subconsciously.

After all, if you can see your desk then it’s likely that thoughts about work will pop into your head. Creating a spacious family room for everyone to hang out in will help bring everyone a little closer together.

Don’t be afraid of the light

Consider adding as much light to your loft conversion as possible. For a high spec finish why not go all out and make one of your walls almost entirely glass? This will ensure that your loft conversion becomes a feature of your home and a room that’s worth staying in.

There is a danger of loft spaces staying dark and dingy if there aren’t enough windows added to them during a conversion. You don’t even have to install windows, using transparent materials instead of bricks and mortar for the walls will instantly make your loft brighter. Translucent building materials not only make rooms and properties lighter; they also make a design statement.

During the planning stage, think about what you intend to use your loft conversion for and focus on how much light is required to make that vision a reality. If you intend on the loft conversion becoming a living space then light is essential, if it’s going to be another bedroom then it’s less important.

Embrace your proportions

You could go all out and extend your property beyond the loft, ensuring your house towers over the rest. Or, you could choose to embrace the proportions that your existing loft gives you. That might mean using the chimney as a place to put shelves or using the lowest part of the roof to put a bath under, to maximise the space.

You could also consider adding character to your home by making a feature out of the staircase leading to the loft. Staircases leading up to your loft can take up a large chunk of your landing so why not make it a focal point rather than something you would otherwise consider an eyesore?

If space is at a premium then why not look into installing a spiral staircase instead? It is an immediate eye-catcher plus it is a good space-saving solution.

Split-level living

Loft conversions sometimes open up huge rooms that some people struggle to fill. It’s great if you have a large family, but if there aren’t so many people living in your home what do you do with a room with floor space as large as your home’s square footage?

A great way to break up such a large room is to introduce a split-level floor, this immediately creates two or more zones. One area could be a chill-out zone for reading, relaxing and contemplating while another could be for watching TV or socialising. The great thing about a loft conversion is that you have complete freedom of choice when deciding what you want to do with it. Just make sure you plan accordingly.

“Most residential loft conversions fall under ‘permitted development’, meaning no planning permission is required”, says loft conversion experts Builders West Sussex. “However, it is always recommended that you check with your local planning authority and obtain their written confirmation before you go ahead with any building works”.

An office retreat

Of course, with so much need for office space in the home, it makes sense that loft conversions are a great way to go. This is especially the case if your loft isn’t the largest. You can create a small office space just for you that feels like your own little retreat.

For cramped spaces, the best way to help create the illusion of space is to go for white or bright walls and introduce as much natural light as possible. It’s important to think of the practicalities too, however, and the space needs to accommodate your workspace, storage, printing plus boosters for internet and phone signal.

One of the great things about creating your home office up in the rafters is the peace and quiet it brings. You no longer have to be distracted by what’s occurring outside your window, or whether any vans are parked outside. Office space in the loft allows you to switch your focus to ensure maximum productivity - with a few procrastination trips downstairs for good measure!

Live like royalty in a master suite

What better way to get away from it all than your very own master suite on the top floor of your home? Creating a master bedroom of your dreams coupled with an en-suite to match is the very epitome of luxury living. You can have some real fun when designing this master suite as it’s something just for you so let your creative juices flow!

It’s a little like having your own hotel suite at home, where you can just shut the world out if you’d like and relax in your own peaceful space. Adding another bathroom or shower room to your home also comes with the benefit of adding plenty of value, as Head of Savills South West London offices explains: “A superior en-suite can add £50,000 or more to a £1.5 million-plus home in central London”. Meanwhile, a Direct Line survey suggested that an en-suite bathroom could add an extra 5.1 per cent to the value of an average property.

Choosing a loft conversion for you

Perhaps more importantly for any loft conversion is the value it adds to your life. Creating extra space in a busy or crowded home opens up the possibilities for what we can achieve at home. Whether that’s an office space for productivity, a family room to bring everyone together or a peaceful retreat just for you, loft conversions can make a huge difference.

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