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Summer Home Improvements: How to Take Advantage of the Heat

Owning a home can sometimes feel like a renovation project that has no end. From regular maintenance to larger improvements and upgrades, the more we think about it, the longer the list becomes.

But while it can sometimes feel like a chore, home improvements help to make your day-to-day life better and they protect your investment when it’s time to sell up.

When summer rolls in, the heating bills become a distant memory but failing to carry out essential maintenance could mean a sting when next winter arrives. As the weather has taken a turn for the better, here are some summer home improvements that should be done to take advantage of the heat.

Sealing windows and doors

Heat loss is a major problem in many homes, and a better-insulated house is more efficient, which saves you money on energy costs. A typical home is likely to lose up to 40% of its heat through its windows and doors.

Upgrading these essential areas of the home with a few simple maintenance techniques can make a substantial difference to your yearly energy bill. Inspect the sealant around your windows and doors to see what condition it is in. Removing and replacing the sealant can take a matter of minutes but it helps to eliminate drafts and lock warm air inside during the winter.

Some weatherstripping in doors and windows is only good for a few years before needing replacing. A rule of thumb is if you can see daylight underneath your external doors then it’s not in contact with the threshold.

Upgrading your heating

We can heat our homes in several different ways but the reality is that come the summer we don’t need to do it that often. With your boiler or heating tank used less frequently, the warmer months are the perfect opportunity to repair, replace and maintain them. That's because in the winter having your heating out of action is going to be felt from the moment it stops working until it is up and running again.

This warmer time of the year is also an opportunity to upgrade or change your heating system entirely. You may wish to switch to a heating oil tank from natural gas to give you better control of your energy consumption and provide the security of private fuel.

Rather than relying on the national grid that may be affected by depleted reserves, you may also wish to give green energy a go. Getting your new and improved heating system up and running during the summer allows you to iron out the kinks before the winter.

Give your insulation a boost

Almost as important as your heating system is the insulation your house is equipped with to keep that warmth inside. This home improvement isn’t just for Christmas however, and effective insulation can also keep cool air inside your home during the spring and summer.

Improving insulation can make your home more sustainable and energy-efficient while undertaking any work during the summer won’t transform your home into an icebox. From plugging crevices and cracks to filling wall and roof cavities, it all makes a difference to how your home feels and how much your wallet is impacted in winter.


If you love the outdoors then why not spend more time in your garden this summer? Landscaping while the sun shines is perfect and it can add value to your property, with some estimates claiming homeowners can gain anywhere from 5% to 12% in value. An immaculately landscaped garden creates an outstanding first impression, bumps up the curb appeal and makes it much nicer to live in.

You don’t have to accomplish your landscaping project in a day, it can take several weeks working at your own pace in the sunny weather. Some landscaping ideas that can improve your experience in the garden include installing flowerbeds, laying a patio or path and erecting decking.

One of the appeals of landscaping is its relatively low cost, with the highest expense likely to be your blood, sweat, and maybe a few tears. With just a few tools, some basic materials and your vision, you can transform your garden over the course of a summer.

Power washing your home

Throughout the year our homes can take a battering from the elements, particularly the rain, wind and even the sun on rare occasions. This can leave the exterior of our homes looking worse for wear.

But, there’s nothing more satisfying on a hot day than watching a power washer remove the build-up of dirt and grime from your once immaculate walls. The cooling spray from the washer is just a bonus. It’s not just your walls that can benefit from a summer power wash, and patios, paths and fences can be cleaned up in a matter of minutes.

Homes that are particularly dirty or perhaps require more specialist attention may require a professional steam cleaning service. Rather than blasting dirt away by force, steam cleaning uses high-temperature steam and an adjustable nozzle that allows for a deep clean on many property exteriors and outdoor materials.

Replacing your roof

Some home improvement projects are bigger than others and upgrading or replacing the roof of your property isn’t something to take lightly. But, if your roof has seen better days then it might be time to take the plunge and commit to replacing it with a new one.

Again, the summer is a great time for this as exposing your home to the elements during the process is much riskier during rainy and freezing periods. With more predictable weather and longer daylight hours, replacing your roof in summer makes good practical sense.

Lower moisture levels and a smaller chance of weather interrupting your roof replacement mean the job can be done much faster. Once replaced, your new roof provides greater energy efficiency, protects your home from potential leaks and increases the resale value.

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