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Tips and Ideas for Packing and Moving House

Moving to a new house always carries an element of excitement and suspense. Regardless if you are moving to a bigger or a smaller property, the countryside or a bustling city, you’re filled with the prospect of a new beginning.

But before you can glide into the next chapter of your life, you have to pack up your old one first. Here’s where it gets physically, mentally, and emotionally draining. Packing is never simple, after all, even if you live in a three or two bedroom-property. You suddenly realize how much clutter you’ve accumulated in the past couple of years, and now you’re at a loss as to where to begin.

If you want to kick off this task in the right direction, you need to follow some of the most crucial guidelines to packing. Doing so will make the entire endeavour simpler, and you’ll notice that you won’t have as much problem on the day of the big move.

Start as Early as Possible

To beat the overwhelming feeling that usually comes with packing, you need to start as early as possible. This allows you to move at a pace that will cause minimal disruption to your daily routine. You can start a month in advance and spare two to three hours a day boxing items per room.

Dedicate half-days, preferably weekends, to packing delicate items like picture frames and fragile decors. When you’re down to three to four days before the move, you’ll only have to manage the most commonly used items like your dressers, pans, shoes, curtains, and such. You’ll also have enough time to double check every room to make sure that you’re not leaving anything behind.

Create a Portable Packing Kit

One of the biggest stressors of packing is not being able to locate the tape, scissors, and marker when you need them. As such, it’s important that you carry along with you a portable packing kit.

This could be a small bag or basket containing everything you’ll need to pack and label your items. You’ll be surprised at how well this can enhance your productivity.

It also helps to make use of vacuum pack storage bags which will allow you to group and store your items, while saving space at the same time.

Determine What Not to Pack

Don’t you hate it when you’ve already packed things that you suddenly need to use? It could be certain clothes, shoes, pans, or even your trusty mani pedi kit.

To avoid such inconveniences, make a list of the items that you should not pack until the day before the big move.

Keep them in a separate bag so that you don’t accidentally shove them into a box. This way, you have your essentials within reach at all times, and you can avoid opening up random boxes that you’ve already secured.

Designate Time for the Kitchen

Never underestimate your kitchen. Hidden in your cupboards, under sink storage, and shelves are item after item of glassware and other fragile goods. These take the most time to pack, as you won’t want any of them breaking at any point during the relocation.

Factor in the perishables in your refrigerator, and you have a full one or two days dedicated only to boxing up your entire kitchen. Remember to designate time for it and to come prepared with the right packing materials. Having enough bubble wrap, newspapers, and styrofoam chips will speed up the process and make your work more efficient.

Change Your Grocery Plans

Speaking of food, you might want to stop grocery shopping like usual once you’re down to one week in your current property. A lot of movers cut down on their perishables by sticking to takeaway and instant food. This may not be ideal (or even the most healthy choice), but you only have to do this for two to three days, at most. Once you’re in your new house, you can visit the nearest grocer’s and indulge in your usual meals at once.

Come Prepared with Food

The food issue spans your packing days as well as the big move itself. Even with a moving company on your side, you’ll find that stopping to eat something decent can be difficult. If you have a team of friends and family members helping you, then you have a platoon of hungry people who won’t be efficient unless their stomachs are full.

Come prepared with food or schedule a delivery to your new house early. This should keep everyone going even when the unloading and unboxing lasts until midnight.

Strategy is Your Friend

Different properties require different strategies. Find one that suits your lifestyle and needs so that your packing and moving won’t be stressful. If you prepare for everything just right, you might be surprised at how much fun (and inexpensive) it can actually be.

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