Structural Calculations

An Engineer can provide specialist advice and calculations to meet Building Regulations or a specification on a project that you are thinking of undertaking.

Structural Engineers can assist with the design and calculations for structural changes to a building, such as removal of a supporting wall. They can provide calculations for all aspects of structural works, from the design of structural elements such as beams or joists, columns, suspended floors, to retaining walls, foundations and roof. 

They work closely with surveyors and architects and concentrate on the strength, capability, safety and durability of a building to support the architects design or as a result of a surveyor’s inspection report or survey. Builders carrying out work at your property may also request you obtain structural calculations from a structural engineer.

When buying a new home, some surveys may highlight building work which has been undertaken previously and as a result your lender may request an engineer’s report to confirm the design and safety of the alterations carried out to ensure they comply with building regulations and are structurally sound.

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