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The legislation covering landlord and tenant is complex and extensive, and it important to comply with the relevant legislation as often there are specific deadlines that have to be met or notices that have to be in accordance with various acts. 

Moving and Improving have specialists RICS qualified surveyors that can offer a comprehensive range of advice on:

  • Valuation advice when selling or buying
  • Rent review and service of notices 
  • Schedules of Condition or Schedules of Dilapidation surveys

Rent review and service of notices 

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Schedules of Condition Surveys (required before taking on a new lease)

Most Leases usually state that the tenant is responsible for repairs during and at the end of a tenancy, known as a FRI terms (Full Repairing and Insuring). It is important therefore that the tenant is made aware of repairs that already exist and a Schedule of Condition is a formal document that formally identifies the standard of the premises at the commencement of the Lease

A good schedule of condition survey can often be used to negotiate terms or rent or a rent-free period

If this is not carried out then, at the end of the Lease, you could be left with a huge bill for defects that were there before you moved in.

Schedules of Dilapidation Surveys (required when a lease ends)

At the end of your lease, a dilapidation survey should be carried out to determine or limit any dilapidation claim made by the landlord.

The schedule will list all the breaches of the covenant and outline what works will be needed to remedy the breach, often with costs of the repairs included in the report. This will give a good idea of what repair aspects are needed or disputed.

If you plan to make alterations to the building you should obtain the Landlords consent because this could put you in breach of your lease and subject to forfeiture

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