Scottish Home Report

All houses in Scotland must have a Home Report before they can be placed for sale on the market and must be available to prospective buyers who may ask for it.

The Report is split into three parts: 

A Survey of the property. The Survey document contains an assessment of the condition of the property, an accessibility audit report and a valuation undertaken by a surveyor.

An Energy Report (Energy Performance Certificate, EPC) this is an assessment of the energy efficiency of the property, and its impact and lists possible ways to improve the energy efficiency of the property. 

A Property Questionnaire. This is provided by the seller of the home and contains additional information about the property, eg. Council Tax charges and other costs that will be useful to the new home owner.

What other types of Survey are there?

If you are buying a pre-war home, then you might consider a full Building Survey which is a lot more detailed report. You should certainly consider this if it is an old building or one that needs refurbishment

What types of survey are there and what does it tell me?  For our advice on what type of survey might be suitable for your property.

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