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Tech Jobs That Will Outlast COVID-19 & Continue to Work From Home

COVID-19 has made many people think about the viability of their career and wonder if their job will be available after this crisis ends. Your friend who majored in computer science because "its the job of the future" may have had a point. Tech jobs seem like they are here to stay as so much business is transitioning online.

Big-box stores, local diners, and boutique shops use the internet to conduct business. They might have online ordering, virtual events, or online menus. Some businesses, such as banks, have transitioned to only online. Each of these businesses relies on someone to make sure their online presence is easy to use, conveys the right message, and helps their business grow.

Since there are so many companies in need of tech workers, the number of available jobs is likely to keep growing, pandemic or not. Let's check out some careers that will be in demand. You can learn many of these professions at a rapid pace through coding bootcamps.

Data Science

Every time you click or tap on an app or website, you create a piece of data. This data is used by a data scientist to determine if the website is creating a desirable effect. Data scientists even know if the only thing you do on a website is click the back button to return to the previous page.

How will data scientists persevere through the COVID-19 pandemic?

Data scientists are responsible for analyzing data that engineers will later use to optimize the software. Companies want users to remain on their websites. Potential customers can't make a purchase or drive ad revenue if they don't spend much time on the page. Employing data scientists is a good investment for companies who want to increase their sales.

Data scientists use different methods to conduct their analysis. A data scientist might use machine learning or statistical analysis to complete their calculations. Does data science sound interesting? Click here to learn how to become a data scientist.

Web Designer

Are you more of a creative type? You might enjoy a career in website design. Website designers, sometimes called UX designers, are responsible for creating usable, inviting websites that appeal to users. A friendly website will result in more users spending more time on a website, hopefully leading to more sales or ad revenue.

Web design is a rewarding career if you enjoy creating beautiful, efficient, and easy to use websites. A web designer might even use data provided for them by a data scientist on their team. Web designers are a vital part of a company's online presence. Companies will continue to need web designers to create a website that converts visitors to sales.

Mobile Developer

Technology continues to become faster, smaller, and more capable. The computing power of phones and mobile devices allows them to accomplish more. At the forefront of this movement is mobile developers. There are few things as frustrating as a website that doesn't perform the same way it does in a desktop web browser. Mobile developers operate on both iOS and Android applications, typically specializing in one or the other.

Apps are always continually updated with new features. Each version to be released comes from the work of teams of mobile developers. Mobile devices aren't going anywhere; neither are jobs in mobile development.

How do you learn these skills at coding bootcamps?

It is not too late to learn the required skills to become a data scientist or a web designer. You may have a degree in an unrelated field or no degree at all. This is of no concern as there are coding bootcamps that can help you quickly build these skills and obtain a career in the tech industry.

General Assembly offers multiple bootcamps on a variety of topics, including those mentioned in this article. A bootcamp is a course, or series of courses, that quickly build skills of students so they may obtain jobs in tech fields.

COVID-19 has driven even more business online since the number of face-to-face interactions has decreased. Even before the pandemic, these tech jobs were on the rise. Any of these jobs will be safe in the years to come.

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