Engineers Report

An Engineer can provide specialist advice, calculations to meet Building Regulations or a specification on a project that you are thinking of undertaking.

When might you need a structural engineer?

If your Lender requests additional reports on defects highlighted during a valuation (known as specific defects), you will need a Specific Structural Inspection.

If you are worried about a defect: movement or cracking of a wall or if your home is showing signs of subsidence or heave in the foundations

If you are thinking of removing a structural wall (say between the kitchen and Lounge). You will also need to submit former calculations to your Local Authority Building Control (LABC)  In such cases you can also get a quote for removal of a supporting structure.

If you would like an assessment of the structure of the whole building, then you might consider a General Structural Inspection and advice from a Chartered Surveyor may be more appropriate.

A Chartered Structural Engineer will be a member of the Institution of Structural Engineers having the qualifications MIStructE, FIStructE or Institution of Civil Engineers having the letters MICE or FICE after his/her name

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