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8 Useful Tips to Build a Small Gym at Home

Establishing a Home Gym

The current COVID situation has presented fitness fanatics with the opportunity to build gyms right in their homes. It’s the best time to invest in a home gym for you to continue with your work out sessions. Here’s how you can achieve this.

You can build a gym right at home

Gym is life. Most fitness enthusiasts live by this code. Not a day goes by without them going to the gym for their daily workouts. However, in recent days, the COVID situation has changed the way we do things. It has affected the gym culture. Most people are avoiding these areas.

However, it doesn't mean that exercise has to stop. You can continue with your workouts at home. All you have to do is to set up your home gym, and you're good to go. How can you go about this? Take a look at the following tips.

Figure Out the Ideal Place for Your Gym at Home

It’s important that you find the ideal space for your home gym before doing anything else. There should at least be space for a yoga mat, which you’ll use for exercises such as stretching. Also space for something like the best rowing machine under 500. After that, the exercises you wish to do, plus gym design will determine the amount of space you require to establish your home gym.

Clear Out the Clutter

You’ve decided on the place you’ll set up your gym at home; what’s the next thing to do? The next step is to declutter that space to create room for incoming equipment. In case you’re reusing one bedroom, garage space, or even the basement, you’ll first have to clean out all the clutter. Leave behind the stuff you’ll use while working out.

Purchase Your Gym Equipment

After you’ve figured out the space you require, it’s time to purchase your home gym equipment. Remember that it’s not a must for you to have lots of equipment or bulky machines for your home gym. They don’t have to be expensive stuff. Come up with a list of the things you require. The equipment required will depend on the workouts you wish to do.

Your list of things to include in new gym could be;

  • Yoga mat
  • Weights
  • Exercise balls
  • Treadmill
  • Yoga blocks
  • Jump ropes
  • Resistance bands
  • Exercise bike
  • Towels.

If you’re into cardio, rather than opting for a treadmill, make use of a jump rope. For an intense workout, a weighted jump rope would be ideal. It will make your hands to work harder in order to rotate the rope. Nonetheless, if you still fancy a treadmill, go for it.

For you to do your strength exercises, you don’t need massive cable machines. You may opt for gym accessories such as dumbbells that can be adjusted, resistance bands, or even kettlebells. Moreover, some balance discs can also be added as they don’t occupy too much space.

Figure Out How to Store Your Gym Accessories

The way you’re going to store your equipment is very important. You can have a storage vessel for portable items such as jump rope, resistance bands, and yoga mats which can be put under the bed. For your dumbbells, you can have a weight rack. You may likewise include a corner shelf, whose strong bars can accommodate gym and fitness equipment such as sandbags, weight plates, and kettlebells.

Design Your Gym Setup

There should be plenty of light entering the workout room

It’s best if you have an ideal gym plan. If you’ve been to a gym that’s packed with equipment and no space to watch yourself working out, you know how important the setup of a workout area is. Ensure that in your home workout area there’s plenty of light – either from natural light or electricity (overhead light bulbs). This will enable you to easily keep tabs on your form.

Moreover, having mirrors is also important. Most gyms, if not all, have mirrors. Looking at yourself working out assists you to correct your form and reduce the chances of injury. In case you want to convert one room into a gym, we recommend that you use gym flooring to cover the carpet. Your body will be cushioned when doing core exercises.

Don’t Forget Proper Ventilation

This is a work out area. Working out is accompanied by sweat. You shouldn’t let your exercise room have a foul smell as a result of poor ventilation. Make sure there’s enough air circulation in the room. You can install ceiling fans, which will assist in air movement and reduce unpleasant odors. Installing ventilation fans in walls is also another great idea.

Install a Sound System in Your Home Gym and Fitness Area

Music can be a great motivator. If you are one of those individuals who like to listen to some music while working out, consider installing a sound system in your home gym. You can listen to some music while working out on your treadmill, or stream exercise videos via a smart TV.

Have a Calendar

A calendar will assist you to keep tabs on how frequently you make use of the gym area. Include it in your schedule. You’ll be motivated to work out more. In case you don’t live alone, make sure you inform the others that this is your work out time and spot so that you’re not bothered.


Congratulations! You now have a gym in your house. There are no excuses. What’s left is for you to make use of it. Invite that friend of yours who's a gym enthusiast and who keeps on bombarding you with messages about why gym is good for you for regular workouts.

For those with home gyms, how has the experience been?


Archibald was a builder for more than 40 years. After his retirement, the enthusiastic electrical has become a vegetarian on his homestead. He is happy to keep a healthy way of life with his garden and self-build kitchen. He writes for blog gym-expert.com to share the idea that it’s never too late to make some healthy changes in your life.

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